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Below you will find a brief description of just some of the platters we offer at Rideau Bakery.

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Assorted Pastry Platters Assorted Pastry Platters
A great option for coffee breaks at a meeting. There is a wide product choice available including croissant, danish, strudel, donuts, muffins and scones. Many items are available in mini sizes.
Breakfast Basket Breakfast Basket
A perfect gift to welcome out-of-town guests in their hotel room. Contents will vary based on your tastes and budget.
Cookie & Square Platter Cookie & Square Platter
A wide variety of pastries and squares are available in regular and mini sizes. This sample platter of minis includes pecan squares, raspberry cream brownies, apple caramel blondies, rockie road brownies, coconut cream blondies, date squares, nanaimo bars, shortbread cookies, mandel bread, linzor cookies, black and white cookies, lemon ice cookies and raspberry white chocolate cookies.
Designer Fruit Platter Designer Fruit Platter
A beautiful array of assorted fruits arranged in an eye-catching manner. Selection of fruit will vary depending on season, availability and your budget.
Fruit Platter Fruit Platter
Assorted seasonal fruit tastefully arranged on a platter.
Pastry Platter Pastry Platter
A tasteful assortment of fancy mini pastry. This sample platter includes chocolate dipped strawberries, caramel ├ęclairs, cream ├ęclairs, marzipan rolls, fruit tarts, phyllo cups filled with lemon curd, cranberry white chocolate and apple caramel, chocolate mousse cups and gaufrettes.
Puff Platter Puff Platter
A lovely assortment of mini puff pastries filled with cheese, spinach, potato or tuna.
Roll Platter Roll Platter
An assortment of our freshly baked rolls. This platter includes onion buns, half moons, crusty rolls, knots and kaisers. Other rolls available include whole wheat, salt sticks, tea buns, bagels and more. Mini rolls are also available.
Sandwich Platter Sandwich Platter
Party sandwiches specially made to order. Fillings can include egg, tuna, salmon, cream cheese and veggies. Sandwiches are prepared on your choice of Rideau Bakery bread.
Vegetable Platter Vegetable Platter
An assortment of fresh vegetables tastefully arranged with a dip. Selection of vegetables will vary based on season and availability.
Wrap Platter Wrap Platter
Tasty wraps available with filling of egg, tuna, salmon or veggies. Wrap flavor selection includes pesto, sundried tomato and basil, salsa or plain. Wraps are also available in mini size.

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